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  • Can I return something? - Do you do return?
    Unfortunately I do not accept returns. If you buy a print and it's disappointing, you can send me a message so we can work it out together. If something went wrong in the post or if the print arrived damaged, please send a message to No, sadly I don't return. However, if you buy a print and something happened in the mail and something happened to the print, please contact me at
  • How soon after my order will I receive my package? - How long do I have to wait for my package to arrive?
    After your order, I will ensure that your package is shipped within 4 working days. Once your package has been shipped, you can expect your print to be delivered to your home within 3-5 days if you live in the Netherlands. If you live in Europe you can expect your package in 1-2 weeks. If you live outside Europe, this will be between 1 to 4 weeks, depending on where you live. Please allow 1-4 working days for handling and for your item(s) to start the shipping process. Once your item has started shipping, the expected delivery time is 1-2 weeks if you live in Europe. Outside of Europe please consider 1-4 weeks shipping time, the post at the moment has a lot of delays, so give it time, your package will probably arrive but a bit later!
  • Do I have to pay customs if I order internationally?
    If you live in Europe, you do not have to go through customs and don't have to pay extra to let it go through. If you live outside of Europe, I do have to fill in a customs form, however, most of the time small orders go through without having to pay extra. This is not a guarantee however!
  • Help! I can't come to the workshop because...
    If you have booked a workshop, but are unable to come unexpectedly, a few conditions apply. Do you cancel within 1 day? Then you will receive the full amount of the workshop back. If you cancel before two weeks before the start date of the workshop, you will receive a refund of 50% of the purchase price. Unfortunately, I can no longer refund the full amount, because several places have been held where other people can no longer register. If you cancel up to 7 working days before the start date of the workshop, you will receive a refund of 25% of your purchase price. Do you cancel after that? Then unfortunately I can no longer refund the amount. If you send me a message, I can make sure you get a discount on a new workshop or on something from my webshop.
  • Geef je ook privéworkshops? - Do you give private workshops?
    Ja zeker, dat doe ik graag! Dit kan ofwel voor 1 persoon zijn of voor een groep. Een groep is vanaf 5 personen, waarbij het per persoon 50 euro kost exclusief BTW (21%, 9% onder 18 jaar). Je kan me hierover emailen om een datum af te spreken. Als het voor een specifiek iemand is of voor een feestje, laat me dan ook de details weten! Ik kan de workshops aanpassen op de gelegenheid. Ik heb bijvoorbeeld al een aantal hele vrolijke en gezellige workshops voor vrijgezellenfeestjes gegeven, maar ook voor verjaardagen! Ook is het zeer geschikt voor een teambuilding uitje met collega's. Ik haal op basis van de behoefte ook drinken en snacks in huis en zorg voor gezellige muziek. Het is ook geschikt voor kinderen vanaf 10 jaar. Voor een echte privéworkshop voor 1 persoon kost de workshop 300 euro exclusief btw. Deze duurt 3 uur en daarbij leg ik je uit hoe je aan de slag gaat met de riso-printer, hoe je kleuren scheidt en alles wat je verder maar wilt weten. Deze is helemaal gepersonaliseerd en sluit ik aan op jouw eigen behoeftes. Je gaat naar huis met een zelfontworpen print. English: Yes definitely, I love doing that! This can be either for 1 person or for a group. A group consists of 5 people and costs 55 euros per person excluding VAT (21%, 9% if under 18). You can email me about this to arrange a date. If it's for a specific someone or for a party, let me know the details too! I can adapt the workshops to the occasion. For example, I have already given a number of very cheerful and fun workshops for bachelor parties, but also for birthdays! It is also very suitable for a team building outing with colleagues. I also bring drinks and snacks into the house based on needs and provide fun music. It is also suitable for children aged 10 and over. For a private workshop for 1 person, the workshop costs 300 euros excluding VAT. This takes 3 hours and I will explain to you how to get started with the Riso printer, how to separate colors and everything else you might want to know. This is completely personalized and tailored to your own needs. You go home with a self-designed print.
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