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Open print hour

For people that know how to print & just need a risoprinter!

Wat houdt de workshop in?

This session is meant for people who have attended one of my workshops before. If you know how to print & have some files prepared, you can come by to print by yourself with minimal guidance. I will help you if needed & change the drums, but your files need to be already set up. You can print with the scanner, or with a black and white PDF (in the right size that you need) to a maximum of A3. What this session includes: - Access to a risoprinter! - Half an hour of printing - Access to the other tools in the studio, like the paper cutting machine, binding machine, laminator & normal printer. What it does not include: -The masters -The ink -The paper The last three, masters, ink and paper, are based on how much you are going to print. The masters cost: €3,- per colour, The ink costs €0,20 cent per print. This means that if you use two masters and want 10 prints, you'll pay: €3 * 2 = €6,- 10 * (€0,20 * 2) = €4,- Together: €10,- (+ paper costs). You can bring your own paper, or get some Biotop paper at the studio. The cost of this is: -Biotop 90gsm = 0,20c -Biotop 160gsm = 0,25c -Biotop 200gsm = 0,30c -Biotop 250gsm = 0,50c -Biotop 300gsm = 0,70c -Romandruk 90gsm = 0,50c

  • 25 euro
  • Grave van Solmsstraat

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