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My newest zine Stardust! It's a nice small leparello folded zine. It's about a feeling i had for a long time that i wasn't able to express properly. Even when i was making this i didnt realize what i was really writing about, only later on, while having to explain it to people, i found the words for it.
I often read the news and really wish i could change everthing, or shape the world around me to be different. The first sentence in this zine came about because i just really wanted to be able to NOT care about it all. I just feel way too small to do anything really, it all seems too far away and impossible to change. Sometimes i wish i was something more powerful, or bigger or something that actually could influence the world on a bigger scale. So this zine is me imagining i'm something very powerful, that can shape the universe around me. It somehow took the shape of a comet.
I hope that people can relate to this feeling a little bit. I want to make more work around this theme, but this zine came about so spontaneously. I think me being an artist is ultimately just out of a desire to make things better ☄️🔥

This zine is able to be folded out. Folded in it's A6 format. It's riso printed with four colors, aqua blue, yellow, magenta and black.

Stardust zine

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