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Unleash your creative spark by learning how to risoprint  at Studio Misprint!

Studio Misprint is a small riso studio in Utrecht. It was set up by Illustrator Ellis Tolsma to share the magic of riso printing with others. You can follow workshops and courses here for a fun creative afternoon. On this site you can also find collaborations and original risoprint work for your home.

a person in a room with a riso drum machine

Meld je aan:

  • A creative workshop in Utrecht to see if risoprinting is something for...

    45 euros
  • A summery fun workshop where you will be working with some beautiful f...

    50 euros
  • A creative risoprint workshop where you will design a fun riso poster ...

    50 euros
  • A zine course collaboration by Venster and Studio Misprint!

    366 euros
  • For people that know how to print & just need a risoprinter!

    25 euros

Ellis Tolsma Illustration.

about me

Hi! My name is Ellis and I am a freelance illustrator. In my work I really love playing with shapes, colors and materials. I am often looking for the boundary between pure illustration and other disciplines, such as interior, fine art and design.

With my work I would like to bring a little color and a little craziness back to the world (and to people's homes). The themes in my work are therefore about madness, happiness, the house, identity and nostalgia.

This is my shop page. If you want to see more you can visit or follow me on instagram @ellis_tolsma.



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